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By Ted Wulfers (Beggar's Bridge)
From the album: In The Spirit

Here are the chords used in this song

    B      F#      E       C       F      G

Intro:   B  F#   E   B  F#  x2

Verse 1.:
B           F#
Long ago I don't know when
E                        B            F#
That's when they let the water flow in
B                        F#
They said it's time, it's time to begin
E               B           F#
So they let the water flow in

Chorus 1:
B                          F#
Let the water flow, let it flow right in
E               B           F#
Come on baby, let's take a swim
B                         F#
Let the water flow, let it flow right in
E              B           F#        E     F#   back to B
Come on baby, let's take a swim in love

Verses are the same and choruses are the same.  On the key change
just insert C for B and G for F# and F for E.   Have fun even though
you probably won't have the 40 druken girls singing the last chorus
with you.  Enjoy.
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