Beck - Whiskey Faced, Radioactive, Blowdryin' Lady lyrics

Alright here's a stupid song I wrote today


alright, ok this is called uh...

->would this be a world premiere?

yeah this is probably the first and last time you'll hear this one...

ok this is uh...this is whiskey bottle - no this is called uh

whiskey-faced radioactive blowdryin' lady or something

take out your whiskey bottle there

now you don't even move out of your chair

your getting juiced up beyond belief

I can barely love you when your getting drunk all the time

you can get out a blowdryer and

blowdry the hair right off of your head

you can sauteé my dollar bills and feed 'em to the dog

while he's watchin' cable

if I catch fire by mistake, she'll put out my face with a rake

and I shut my mouth before I even breathe

well I can barely touch you honey, cause you're gettin' drunk all the time

gotten radioactive tastebuds smeared across the rug

swallow the keys to the Chevy

you're gonna weedwack your way to Memphis, yeah

everybody knows about your style, you got tin-foil wrapped around your smile

well you're gonna give me a xerox of your buckteeth...

gettin....crap-faced all the time


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