Beck - The Horrible Fanfare/Landslide/Exoskeleton lyrics

Rex - Spiritus - Dominus.

Through the garden of knives he travels, Graa the spirit

Through the garden of bones he travels, Impamiiz the demon king

Through the house of flesh he travels, Impamiiz Graa the subconscious one

Through the temple of dreams he travel, the never setting moon

I am him, the one without sense

I am him, Impamiiz Graa

I am him the one without sense

Subconscious demon, lurking

I am him, bound to my core

I am him, Impamiiz graa

I am him, bound to may core

And so I will travel to lands far beyond

He is my flight, carrier of life

The key to a door, yet not seen

He is the knife who cleaves the night

He is the one who breathes my breath

He is the one trapped in my head

And so I will travel to the land of the dead

He is my fever - My fever...

Your carnage is welcomed to me

Inside your world I am free

There are no bounders. No boundaries

I can feel you tear inside

Tear away my fleshy walls

through my soul you tumble down





Impamiiz Graa

[Lyric by: Birath]

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