Beck - Pay No Mind guitar chord


Date: Sun, 10 Sep 95 14:49:50 EDT

From: Ben Freeman

beck... pay no mind off of mellow gold, tabbed out by Ben Freeman.


i think that both other people who posted chords on here have it dead

wrong. his guitar is in standard tuning, and it's "just got signed, not

"just got a sign."


all of these are major chords. play em all in the e-shape barre except for

the e and f# in the first progression which are played in the a shape barre.

B.. F#.. A.. B...

B.. E.. B

B.. F#.. A.. B...

B.. E.. F#

and then the chorus: (that's why i pay no mind.. play these all in

the e-shape, this was hard on *my* roommate's crappy acoustic..)

C# E D C#...


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From: (Quincy6215)


In article , (traig scott foltz) writes:?

To be in the same key as the CD, tune up a whole step.

(D) A C D

Tonight, the city is full of morgues.

(D) G D

And all the toilets 're overflowing.

(D) A C D

And shopping malls coming out of the walls.

(D) G A...E

As we walk out among the manure.

(E) G,F,E

That's why,

(E) G,F,E

Pay no mind

(Chords follow same pattern for rest of the song)

Give the finger to the rock 'n roll singer.

As he's dancing upon your paycheck.

Sales climb higher through the garbage pail sky.

Like a giant dildoe crushing the sun

That's why, Pay no mind.

Sleep in slime, just got a sign.

So get out your lead pipe pipetrains.

Get out your ten foot flags.

The insects are huge and the poision's all been used.

And the drugs won't kill your day job, honey.

That's Why.....

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