Beck - Nicotine & Gravy lyrics

I'll be your chauffeur on a midnight drive<br>It takes a miracle just to survive<br>Buried animals call your name<br>You keep on sleeping<br>Through the poignant rain<br><br>I think we're going crazy<br>Her left eye is lazy<br>She looks so israeli<br>Nicotine and gravy<br><br>I'll feed you fruit that don't exist<br>I'll leave graffiti<br>Where you've never been kissed<br>I'll do your laundry<br>Massage your soul<br>I'll turn you over<br>To the highway patrol<br><br>I think we're going crazy<br>Things don't even faze me<br>Her left eye is lazy<br>Nicotine and gravy<br>Miracles amaze me<br>She looks so israeli<br>Love the way she plays me<br>I think I'm going crazy<br><br>I don't want to die tonight<br>I don't want to die tonight¡­..

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