Beck - Goin Nowhere Fast lyrics

(voice of Woody Guthrie: I been robbed for cash and I been robbed on credit;

woke up a lot of mornings, didn't even know where I was at. The hardest

work I ever done is when I was trying to get myself a worried woman to ease

my worried mind.)

All the things they said would happen to you

don't ya know they're all comin true

goin nowhere fast.

nothing's strange as when it seems

you're living out all your worst possible dreams

goin nowhere fast

bad times, worse times,

all the times in between

I tangle in the shadow, stumble in the trees

goin nowhere fast

I learn my lesson

and I learn it again

I heard what they said, "live fast and die stupid"

goin nowhere fast

my compass is spinnin

like a gamblin wheel

it takes a hideous misfortune for to tell how I feel

goin nowhere fast

I threw it all away

like shoes into the street

these terrible things will tear me in three

goin nowhere fast

I don't care what time will tell

just tell me if I might as well be halfway to hell

goin nowhere fast

I'm sick through my skin

with silence and doom

I break my back, I cry on the moon

goin nowhere fast

going nowhere fast

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