Beck - Bad Energy lyrics

(Hey, I know who you are, but you don't know me)

(Ha ha ha!)

Talkin a lotta shit

(Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that)

Got a lotta shit on my mind

(I know that guy, man)

(That's the guy, man)

Got some bad feelings on me


(Ha ha ha!)

(I know that guy)

(Yea, he's going to your seat, man)

(Come to me, sorry to me, man)

(I make a problem for you my friend)

Fast, fast people coming to my house

(Ha ha ha!)

(I know man, make a problem very quick, very quick!)

(Ha ha ha!)

Telling me things I already know


Some bad shit

Don't wanna touch it

It's like big, empty city

Full of toasters

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