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the beatles, you wont see me.
Tabbed by bob

D em g D
1.when i call you up your lines engaged
D em g D
i have had enough so act your age
D em g D
we have lost the time that was so hard to find
D em g D
and i will lose my mind if you wont see me
g D
you wont see me
D em g D
i dont know why you should want to hide
D em g D
but i cant get through my hands are tied
D em g D
i wont want to stay i dont have much to say
em g D
but i can turn away if you wont see me
g D
you wont see me
chorus em D
time after time you refuse to even listen
em a
i wouldn't mind if i knew what i was missing
D em g D
though the days are few theyre filled with tears
em g D
and since i lost you it feels like years
em g D
yes it seems so long girl since youve been gone
em g D
and i cant go on if you wont see me
g D
you wont see me

repeat chorus then end

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