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Play with a rithmic strum like this one. oh well

Here is one I made EARLIER (arf arf)

F Em7



---------2-------0----| Throughout the

--------3-------0-----|whole song

-------3-------1------|Ha Ha


VERSE 1 F Em7 A7 Dm ?~(Check below

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away For chord)

Bb C7 F C ?~ G7 Bb F

now I need a place to hide away oh I belive in yesterday

VERSE 2 F Em7 A7 Dm ?~

Suddenly i'm not half the man I used to be

Bb C7 F C ?~ G7 Bb F

there's a shadow hanging over me oh I belive in yesterday

MIDD 8 Em7 A7 Dm ?~ Bb ? C7 F

Why she had to go I don't know she wouldn't say

Em7 A7 Dm ?~ Bb ? C7 F

I said some thing wrong now I long for yesterday

VERSE3 F Em7 A7 Dm ?~

Yesterday love was such an easy game to play

Bb C7 F C ?~ G7 Bb F

now I need a place to hide away oh I belive in yesterday

Repeat MIDD 8 Then VERSE 3

and then play

G7 Bb F

mm mm mm mm mm mm mmmmmmmmm

Chords used

F 133211

Em7 010000

A7 002223

Dm 000231

?~ 000211

Bb 113331

C7 032310

C 032010

G7 320001

? 30x333

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