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Turn on the TV and turn off your mind
Kill your own thoughts... be one of the brainwashed kind
Opinion's not your own... take a look at your empty brain
It's thrown away and flushed right down the drain

Open your eyes and see
Unchain your thoughts... set your mind free

Get your daily dose of eMpTy V
It's a growing trend... an epidemic I see
In your own world... virtual reality
(There's) No innovation just boring monotony

In cyberspace you've been caught
Just start to think instead of being taught

Using media with infatuation
It's the breakdown of communication
(Realize) You put yourself in isolation
[Repeat 2 times]


Don't you know you build your prison...
Every day... brick by brick
You're eating their words and you don't feel,
That they make you sick
The big machines take care of you until the fashion fades
The big machines take control of you
Until you kill yourself

Open your eyes and see
Unchain your thoughts...
Unchain your thoughts and then set your mind free

[Chorus 3x]
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