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WAIT- The Beatles

Em7 A Am Em B7 Em

Em7 A Am Em B7 Em
It's been a long time, now I'm coming back home
Em7 A Am Em B7 Em
I've been away now, oh how I've been alone

G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7
Wait till I come back to your side
G B7 Em
We'll forget the tears we cried

But if your heart breaks, don't wait, turn me away
And if your heart's strong, hold on, I won't delay ...CHORUS

Em Am D G
I feel as though you ought to know that I've been good
As good as I can be
Am D
And if you do, I'll trust in you
G Em B
And know that you will wait for me


Em7: 0 2 2 0 3 0 Cmaj7: x 3 2 0 0 0

(from Rubber Soul, 1965)
(sent by Harlan at
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