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I woke up late, put on my clothes
Took the wedding car to the liquor store.
I turned the G&F around
But it got stuck in my head, stuck in my head.

Jack's Lounge was a-callin' my name,
I had a beer or two or ten or nine.
I can't rightly recall at all
The score of the game.

I had a powerful thirst
It was hard even to see
Let alone chuckle at the honeymooners on TV.
You were nowhere around
So I broke down 'cause I thought you left me, baby.

But all this time you were drinking gin
In the private suites of the Comfort Inn.
When I finally recalled this valuable fact:
You really tried to leave me for real.
But I promise you, girl,
If it happens again,
I'll bring you back more gin.
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