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Allow whatís done to preach new insight to your life. 
Hindsight is perfect vision.
The past is easiest to see.
Clear a path, Stand aside.
Weíre carrying the torch now,
Thereís no stopping us.
You think youíre everything to everyone.
Go ahead, Partake in it,Justify it.
Become engulfed in it.
It will eat you alive.
This is not a one way road,
Youíre headed for the dead end.
You might think youíre everything to everyone.
Well pardon me if I intrude.
Youíre not a perfect man in a perfect world,
Look at where your ignorance has brought you.
All this will be buried.
Like the fall of Rome, you will come crashing down.
The truth hurts, but denialís what will kill you.
All that you loved, all that you treasure, will pass with time.
Blinded by the inability to see beyond flesh and blood.
Shifting blame with a log in your eye.
Insisting that a string tied to your limbs is whatís to blame.

Suck it up and bite the bullet
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