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Only A Northern Song

by George Harrison
from Yellow Submarine

|Cmaj7      |D    A     |E          |  
If you're listening to this song 
You may think the chords are going wrong 
                         But they're not   
                         He just wrote it
like that                              it


E              Bm7         G          C#7
Doesn't really matter what chords I play, what
F#7            Bm             F#7
words I say or time of day it is      As its on-
D         A   E/B
ly a Northern Song

Organ Solo:

|A     |      |      |      |Bm7   |      |E7    |      |D     |      |


E              Bm7         G          C#7
Doesn't really matter what clothes I wear, or
F#7           Bm             F#7
how I fare or if my hair is brown   When its on-
D         A   E/B
ly a Northern Song


When you're listening late at night 
You may think the bands are not quite right 
                         But they are   
                         They just play it
          D                         E
like that                            


If you think the harmony 
Is a little dark and out of key 
                         You're correct   
                         There's nobo-
          D                         E
dy there

Instrumental Verse:
|E  Bm7 |G  C#7 |F#7    |Bm     |Bm7    |

F#7       D            A   E/B
As I told you there no one there


|E  Bm7 |G  C#7 |F#7    |Bm     |F#7    |D   A   |E/B    |       |    

|A      |       |       |       |Bm7    |       |


A- X02220
Am- X02210 
Amaj7- X02120 
Am6- XXX553 
Am7- X02010 
Bm- X13131 
Bm7- X13121 
Bm7/A- X03121 
C#7- X35353 
D- XX0232
D7- XX0212
Dm- XX0231
E- 022100 
E/B- X22100 
E7- 020100 
F#7- 242322 
Fmaj7- 1X2210
G- 320011 

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