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From: Carlos Li



Date: Thu, 3 Sep 92 15:35:01 EDT


I saw the following song in your most wanted list. Here are the chords

for it. I would also like to request that you put the song "Jackie

Brown" by John Mellencamp in your list.


--Carlos Li.


{t:Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da}

{st:John Lennon and Paul McCartney}

[G]Desmond had a barrow in the [D7]market place,

Molly is the singer in a [G]band.

Desmond says to [G7]Molly, girl I [C]like your face

and Molly [G]says this as she [D7]takes him by the [G]hand.


Ob-la-[G]di, ob-la-da, life goes [Bm]on [Em]bra.

[G]La la how the [D7]life goes [G]on. (repeat)


[G]Desmond takes a trolley to the [D7]jeweller's store,

buys a twenty carat golden [G]ring.

Takes it back to [G7]Molly, waiting [C]at the door

and as he [G]gives it to her [D7]she begins to [G]sing.

{c: chorus}

[NC]In a couple of [C]years they have built a home sweet [G]home

[NC]with a couple of [C]kids running in the yard

of [G]Desmond and Molly [D7]Jones.

[G]Happy ever after in the [D7]market place,

Desmond lets the children lend a [G]hand.

Molly stays at [G7]home and does her [C]pretty face

and in the [G]evening she still [D7]sings it with the [G]band.

{c: chorus}

(NC --> No chord is played)

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