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# From (Franz Lemmermeyer)
{t:It's only love}
{define G+ base-fret 1 frets x x 1 0 0 3}

[C]I get h[Em]igh when [Bb]i see yo[F]u go b[G]y, [G7] my-oh[G+]-my[G]

When you sigh my my inside just flies, butterflies
Wh[F]y am i so s[G]hy when i'm bes[C]ide you[Am]
It's only lo[Bb]ve and that is a[G]ll
Why should i fe[C]el the way i d[Am]o?
It's only lo[Bb]ve and that is [G]all
But it's so ha[F]rd, loving y[G]ou.

2. Is it right that you and i should fight every night
Just the sight of you makes night time bright, very bright
Haven't i the right to make it up, girl
It's only love and that is all,
Why should i feel the way i do?
It's only love and that is all
But it's so h[F]ard, loving y[G]ou,
Yes it's s[F]o hard, loving yo[G]u, loving yo[C]u.[Am][C][Am]

# P.S. When playing the C-Em-...-G+-G sequence, be sure to emphasize
# the line of notes C-B-Bb-A-G-F-D#-D (use sort of a "base-strum"
# technique). Do something similar for the C-Am-C-Am-C sequence at
# the end.
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