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Mother earth has changed since I was a child
The east is a beast and the west is really wild
And the headlines say that the end looks grim
And the future don稚 look so bright

You can稚 even open your mailbox, you can稚 take a plane
And everybody痴 lookin for somebody to blame
I think I知 gonna let the president
Save this ol world tonight

I値l light us a fire
And she値l turn off the news
We値l open a cold one and shake these blues

Chorus: it痴 all good
It痴 alright
I知 gonna sit here with my baby all night
And let the troubles of this world
Roll on by us like they should
It痴 all cool
It痴 ok
We致e got everything going our way
Can稚 complain if we池e alright
It痴 all good

I知 just a regular joe, with a beautiful girl
Just getting by in a day-to-day world
We ain稚 got a lot, but we don稚 need anything

Covered in kisses, surrounded by love
Showered with blessings from up above
When you池e sittin on top of the world, man we got everything

We live out here in the country
Where the workin class do
We致e got our health and our happiness too

No can稚 complain 団ause we池e alright
And it痴 all good
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