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Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles
from Abbey Road
trans. Jim Vegeais (

The song is played capoed at the 7th fret.

I've just included the parts. Some assembly required.

George is just strum/picking (somewhere in between, that is) the chords
while playing the melody as the top note of the chord. For example (I
won't try to exactly match the strumming, just list the basic notes.
The basic chord is played up to the melody note on pretty much all of
these) the intro/verse part is:

D chord G chord A7 chord

D chord G chord A7 chord

"here comes the sun" part:

---3-------- --3-----3--------0-------------3--
D chord G chord E7 chord

D chord

and into the lick:



D chord A7 chord

The bridge part ("sun, sun, here it comes"):


The part leading out of the bridge is all just based
on the A7 chord:


The end is just the "sun, sun, here it comes" lick.
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