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take my eyes... i don't wanna see you take my ears... and i won't hear you take my pride... cuz i don't wanna
lose you take my fist... and i won't bruise you take my hands... cuz i don't wanna feel you take my mind... and
i won't fear you take my lips... cuz i don't wanna lust you take my lies... cuz i don't trust you
now all i am is empty got nothin left of me and its killing me to be so empty!
pain... take it cuz i don't wanna hurt you game... play it and i won't burn you guilt... lay it cuz i don't
wanna blame you words... say it and i won't shame you heart... break it cuz i don't wanna hurt you soul... take
it and i won't rape you blood... spill it cuz i don't wanna shove you love... kill it cuz i won't fuck you
and all i am is empty don't need your sympathy cuz your confusing me while your consumming me and all i am is
empty with nothing left in me and it's killing me... to be so empty
as long as i hold you in contempt i hold you...
resentment is just my way of holding on
and now it's one i feel no pain i can't pretend i'm not the same stole my sole self control you don't know me
anymore tried to hide the way you kept me but you left me fuckin empty you left me so fuckin empty
and i'm the one to blame!
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