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From Sat Jun 22 02:59:45 1996

FROM: (Stuart Watson)

This is the song Happiness Is a Warm Gun,
by the Beatles. The song appeared on the
White album, released in 1968. Here it is:

(Am7) (Am6) (Em9)

(Em) 2x (Dm) (slower) (Am)
(this goes on during, "She's well acquainted...)

|------------0-------| |----------|----8----|
|----------1----1----| |----12----|----10---|
|-------2----------2-| |----10----|----9----|
|----2---------------| |----------|---------|
|-0------------------| |----------|---------|
|--------------------| |----------|---------|


(bend-bend-release) (bend. bend-release) (bend-bend-release)

(bend) (bend-release)

It would be best to not follow the leads note for note,
because I'm probably wrong about the order in which they're
played. Make your own revisions. Also, listen to the song
to get the order of everything correct, and to know when to
repeat things. I'm sorry that I don't know the ending,
but if somebody would send it to me, I would be very grateful.

- Stuart Watson
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