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Subject: CRD: Happiness is a Warm Gun - Beatles

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

The Beatles

Am9 Am6 Em Am Em

She's not a girl who misses much Du du du du du du Oh yeah


She's well acquainted with the touch of the velvet hand


like a lizard on a window pane The

Dm Am

man in the crowd with the multicolored mirrors on his hobnail boots

Dm Am

Lying with his eyes while his hands are busy working overtime

Dm Am

A soap impression of his wife which he ate and donated to the national trust

double tempo, 3/4 time, "-" equals one measure

A7 - - - - - - C - Am -

A7 - - - - - -

I need a fix 'cause I'm goin' down, down to the bits that I left up town

C - - -

I need a fix 'cause I'm goin' down.

A7 C - A7 G7 -

Mother Superior jump the gun, Mother Superior jump the gun. (3X)

half tempo, still 3/4 time, lyrics in () are spoken, with "oo" etc in back

C Am F G7 C Am F G7

Happiness is a warm gun Happiness is a warm gun, mama

Cmaj7 Am7 F G7 C Am7 F G7 C

(When I hold you in my arms And I feel my finger on your trigger I

Am7 F G7

know nobody can do me no harm, because)

Happiness is a warm gun mama, etc, blah, blah (same chords, C Am F G7)

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