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#From: Paul Zimmerman 
{t:Don't Let Me Down}
{st:The Beatles}

{c:Chorus 4/4 time}

[E]Don't let me [F#m]down [F#m7] [Amaj7/B]Don't let me [E]down
Don't let me [F#m]down [F#m7] [Amaj7/B]Don't let me [Esus4]down[E]

{c:Verse 5/4 time}

[E]Nobody ever loved me like she [F#m7]does oo she does [F#m/B]yes she [E]doe[Esus4]s
[E]And if somebody ever loved me like she [F#m]do me oo she do me, [F#m/B]yes she [E]doe[Esus4]s


And from the first time that she really done me oo she done me, she done me good.
I guess nobody ever really done me, oo she done me, she does me good


{c:Bridge 4/4 time}

[E]I'm in love for the first time Don't you know it's gonna [B]last.
It's a love that lasts for[B7]ever, It's a love that had no [E]past [A] [E]


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