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#From: SKUP !! 
{t:Come Together}
The riff that they use in the song goes something like this


[Dm]Here come old flat top, He come grooving up slowly,
[Dm]He got Joo Joo eyeball, He one holy roller
He got [A7]hair down to his knee;
[G7]Got to be a joker, he just do what he please.

{c:Play riff}

[Dm]He wear no shoe shine, he got toe jam football
[Dm]He got monkey finger, he shoot co-ca cola
He say, [A7]"I know you, you know me."
[G7]One thing I can tell you is you got to be free
Come [Bm]Together, Right [G]now, over me

{c:Play riff}

[Dm]He bag production, He got wal-rus gumboot
[Dm]He got O-no sideboard, He one spinal cracker
He got [A7]feet down below his knee
[G7]Hold you in his armchair, you can feel his disease
Come [Bm]together, right [G]now, over me

{c:Play riff}

[Dm]He roller coaster, he got early warning
[Dm]He got muddy water, He one Mo-jo filter
He say, [A7]" One and one and one is three."
[G7]Got to be good looking 'cause he so hard to see
Come [Bm]together, Right now, over me
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