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{t: Clarabella}
{st: Beatles}
# as sung by the Beatles on _Live at the BBC_
# lyrics from Dean Myers
# chords from Maurizio Codogno
Well, I got a baby [G]... crazy for me.[G]
Yeah, I got a baby [G7]... won't let me be.

Woh, [C7]baby baby, Clarabella.
[G]Baby baby, Clarabella.
[D7]Baby baby,[C7] wo-wo, ye[G]ah-uh.

Well, she needs [G]no coachin' on[G] makin' love.
All she needs is the [G7]stars up above.

Woh, [C7]baby baby, Clarabella.
[G]Baby baby, Clarabella.
[D7]Baby baby,[C7] wo-wo, ye[G]ah-uh.
[D7]Ahh! woo-hoo.

{ci: solo: |G | | | |C7 | |G | |D7 |C7 |G |}

Well now, Clar[G]abella.
You're my honey, Clarabella. [G7]Ooh-
Yeah now, Cl[C]arabella.
I said you're my baby, [G]Clarabella.
Yeah, Clara[D]bella, baby.[C7] Wo-wo, [G]yeah-yeh.[D7]

Well, [G]she's got no time for[G]'a dungeries.
Already knows[G7] her ABC's.

Woh, baby baby, Clarabella.
Baby baby, Clarabella.
Baby baby, wo-wo, yeah-yeh.
Ahh! woo.

{ci: solo}

Well now, Clarabella. Yeah.
You're my honey, Clarabella. Woo ooh-
You're my baby, Clarabella. You're my honey, Clarabella.
Yeah, Clarabella, baby. Wo-wo, yeah-heh-yeah, oh-yeah. [G9]
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