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# Morten Kringelbach
{t:Can't buy Me Love}

Can't buy me lov[Em]e [Am] lov[Em]e [Am]
Can't buy me lov[Dm7]e [G7]
I'll b[C]uy you a diamond ring[C] my friend
if it makes you feel allright
I'll get[F7] you anything my friend
if it m[C]akes you feel allright [C]
For [G7]I don't care too [F7]much for money
for m[G7]oney can't b[F7]uy me love [C]

I'll g[C]ive you all I've got[C] to give
if you say you love me too
I may[F7] not have a lot to give
but what I've g[C]ot I'll give to you [C]
For [G7]I don't care too [F7]much for money
for m[G7]oney can't b[F7]uy me love [C]

[C]Can't by me love[Em] [Am]
Ev[F7]'ry body tells me so [C]
Can't by me love [Em] [Am]
N[Dm7]o, no, no, [G7] no.

S[C]ay you don't need no dia[C]mond ring
and I'll be satisfied
Tell m[F7]e that you want those kind of things
that m[C]oney just can't buy
For [G7]I don't care too[F7] much for money
for mo[G7]ney can't b[F7]uy me love [C]
Can't buy me love[Em], [Am] love [Em] [Am]
Can't buy me love[Dm7], love.[G7] [C]

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