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{Sent by Igor Travenec,}

Baby's in Black Lennon / McCartney (1964)

[F]Oh dear, [C7]what can I do,
[Bb7]Baby's in black and [C7]I'm feeling blue,
Tell me [F]oh, [Bb7]what can I [F]do [C7].

1. [F]She thinks of him and [F7]so she dresses in [Bb]black
And though he'll never come [F]back, [C7]she's dressed in [F]black.


2. I think of her, but she thinks only of him,
And though it's only a whim, she thinks of him.

[Dmi]Oh, how [G7]long will it take, [Bb]till she [C7]sees the mistake
she has [F]made, dear, [C7]what can I do,
[Bb7]Baby's in black and [C7]I'm feeling blue,
Tell me [F]oh, [Bb7]what can I [F]do [C7].

{repeat verse 1 & Chorus, ending [Bb] [F] instead of [C7].}
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