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{t:Ask Me Why}
{st:The Beatles}
{define:E+ base-fret 5 frets N 3 2 1 1 N}



[E]I [F#m]love [G#m]you [F#m] 'cos you tell me things I w[E]ant to know
A[E]nd [F#m]it's [G#m]true [F#m] that it really only g[E]oes to show [G#7]that I know
That [C#m]I I I I would ne[A]ver ever ever be [F#m]blue [B]
N[E]ow [F#m]you're [G#m]mine [F#m] my happiness near ma[E]kes me cry
A[E]nd [F#m]in [G#m]time [F#m] you'll understand the re[E]ason why [G#7]that I cry
It's [C#m]not because I'm sad
But you're the o[A]nly love that I've ever h[E]ad [E+]

I can't b[A]elieve [B7] it's happened to [E]me [E]
I can't co[A]nceive[B7] of any more mi[E]sery [B]

A[E]sk [F#m]me [G#m]why I'll say I [F#m]love you
And I'm a[G#m]lways thinking of y[A]ou [E] [E]

{c:Repeat from the middle}


G#m A E A
And I'm always thinking of you you

E A G#m

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