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Ask Me Why

[this little lick also used over some E chords during verses]



E F#m G#m F#m E
I love you 'cos you tell me things I want to know

E F#m G#m F#m E G#7
And it's true that it really only goes to show that I know

C#m A F#m B7
That I I I I would never ever ever be blue

E F#m G#m F#m E
Now you're mine my happiness near makes me cry

E F#m G#m F#m E G#7
And in time you'll understand the reason why that I cry

It's not because I'm sad

A E E+ (e.g., 076550)
But you're the only love that I've ever had

A B7 E E+
I can't believe it's happened to me

A B7 E B7
I can't conceive of any more misery

E F#m G#m F#m
Ask me why I'll say I love you [second time jump to ending]

G#m A E E+
And I'm always thinking of you

[now repeat from the middle]


G#m A E A
And I'm always thinking of you you

E A G#m

Beatles Tab by Marc Hertzberg
Digital Equipment Corporation

Tab Special Notations:
---5/7--- play fret five, slide up to fret seven
---7\5--- play fret seven, slide down to fret five
--8b(9)-- play fret eight, bend the string (at fret eight) to reach
the pitch of fret nine
--b(9)8-- play fret eight already bent to the pitch of fret nine,
unbending until it reaches the normal pitch of fret eight
---/7---- slide up to fret 7 (the starting fret of the slide is
undefined, judge by ear)
---15\--- play fret 15, slide down (the ending fret of the slide is
undefined, judge by ear)
---1h3--- play fret one and hammer-on to fret three
---7p5--- play fret seven and pull-off to fret five
-7b(9)r7- play fret seven, bend up to fret nine, release back to fret
--5h7p5-- play fret five, hammer on to fret seven, pull off to fret five
--X------ pick string, but do not press string to fret; left hand mute
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