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Anna (Go To Him)

Intro (play twice... also play over D-Bm sections of verses):

D Bm D

Verse 1:
D Bm D Bm D Bm
Anna you come and ask me girl to set you free girl

D Bm Em A7
You say he loves you more than me so I will set you free

D Bm D Bm
Go with him (Anna) Go with him

Verse 2:
D Bm D Bm D Bm
Anna girl before you go now I want you to know now

D Bm Em A7
That I still love you so but if he loves you more

Go with him

All of my life I've been searching for a girl
Who'll love me like I love her
G Gm
But every girl I've ever had breaks my heart and leave me sad
E7 A7
What am I what am I supposed to do oh...

Verse 3:
D Bm D Bm
Anna just one more thing girl

D Bm Em A7
You give back your ring to me and I will set you free

Go with him

Repeat middle part
Repeat verse 3

Bm D Bm
(Anna) Go with him (Anna)

D Bm D
You can go with him girl (Anna) Go with him

Tab Special Notations:
----0---- play the open string ('fret zero')
----5---- play fret five
----5~--- play fret five with vibrato
---5/7--- play fret five, slide up to fret seven
---7\5--- play fret seven, slide down to fret five
--8b(9)-- play fret eight, bend the string (at fret eight) to reach
the pitch of fret nine
--b(9)8-- play fret eight already bent to the pitch of fret nine,
unbending until it reaches the normal pitch of fret eight
----h7--- hammer-on to fret seven
----p5--- pull-off to fret five
---/7---- slide up to fret 7 (the starting fret of the slide is
undefined, judge by ear)
---15\--- play fret 15, slide down (the ending fret of the slide is
undefined, judge by ear)
---0h3--- play the open string and immediately hammer-on to fret
---7p5--- play fret seven and immediately pull-off to fret five
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