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(keith emerson/greg lake)

I was walking on this station
I could see somebody lying on a chair
I went over to him
I saidhey manwhat are you doing there
And have you got a smoke
I said youíd better come in out of the rain
Before you get yourself soaked

No one can feel inside
How deep the oceansheartaches hide

So stand on meIíll catch you falling
You can stand on me and Iíll help you find a way
Stand on meI can see our ship turning
Stand on meweíre sailing on the wind of better days

And they accuse you when youíre over and out
Ulterior motivesthatís what itís all about
Itís just human naturethey try to make you flinch
But weíre takiní the higher ground inch by inch
No one cal feel inside
How deep the oceansheartaches hide


And if you tumble when the snowflakes fall
(this is a jungleitís not a waterfall)
From where youíre standing you canít get no change
They keep moving the target clean out of range
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