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Artist:The Beatles

Song:Act Naturally
Tabbed by:Ronny ?sterud

F                           Bb              
They're gonna put me in the movies
F                                    C7  
They're gonna make a big star out of me
G                                            Bb        
We'll make a film about a man that's sad and lonely
C7                                 F      
And all I got to do is Act Naturally

C7                               F        
Well I'll bet you I'm gonna be a big star
C7                                 F      
Might win an Oscar you can't never tell
C7                         F
The movies gonna make me a big star
G7                           C7
'Cause I can play the par so well

F                                      Bb  
Well I hope you come and see me in the movie
F                                    C7  
Then I'll know that you will plainly see
G                                  Bb    
The biggest fool that ever hit the bigtime
C7                                 F    
And all I got to do is Act Naturally

Chords used:

Bb - x13331
C7 - x32310
F  - 132211
G7 - 320001
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