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{Sent by Igor Travenec,}

A Taste of Honey Scott-Marlow (performed by Beatles 1962)


A taste of [Ami]honey, [C]tasting much [G]sweeter than [Ami]wine

I [Ami]dream of [C]your first [G7]kiss and [D]then

I [Ami]feel a[C]part, my [G7]lips are [D]gett'n

A taste of [Ami]honey, [C]tasting much [G]sweeter than [Ami]wine


I [A]will re[C]turn, yes [D]I will re[Emi]turn

I'll come [F]back for the [G]honey and [Ami]you.

Those was a kiss that avowed my heart

They ring (in) still, though you far will part

A taste of honey, tasting much sweeter than wine



P.S. The words in 2nd verse are only aproximate, so are some chords

in the chorus, too.
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