B-rocka - Mrs. Wades A Bitch lyrics

I kinda know this old lady,

she is my health teacher,

she took my cell phone up,

then she took away my beeper,

she said I shouldn't have it,

and I should be learnin,

but there aint no need in knowin how bad her pussys burnin,

Mrs. Hutto is infected,

with yeast in her mouth,

now she gone be coughin biscuit for a week in a half,

she under mrs.wades desk,

kissin on her breast,

then lookin for the next girl they gonna moleste,

they lookin and a searchin,

winkin and a flirtin,

now they gonna get morgan and go up her shirt and,

do some things they shouldn't,

but Mrs. Wade knew she could't,

she knew it'd be wrong,

been then she didn't car and just got her freak on!

Mrs. Wade is pretty nasty,

her ass is old and ashy,

but listen at her voice when she scream it old and raspy,

but when i walked in I thought I was gonna be sick,

damn mrs wade you stupid wierd ass bitch!

Mrs. Wades a wierd bitch,

a wierd ass bitch,

and you better make sure u rememberize it,

repeat 2x

Oh my god, whats goin on now,

here comes mrs.bates that fat ass cow,

I always knew, I think you did to,

but I never really thought that they'd all just screw,

what the hell! is that the bell , thank god my jebus ,

wait....whats that smell!


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