B REZELL - Blowed Away lyrics

Yeah, I'm kickin' it for real with B Real

Come on, kick that fly gangsta shit

Blowed away, flowin' away

Chillin' like a mothafucka

On this hot ass day

Damn, kinda hot, so I just

Ride as I glide down the wicked ass south side

So, as I begin to flow, my label is Death Row

Ya know, caddy to the flow

So fire up the bud for them niggas today

'Cause we be bumpin' with the groove

Gettin' blowed away

Let me take ya by the hand, let me tell ya somethin' good

There's a party goin' on, so let's ride through the hood

I don't wanna be late, don't wanna miss the fun

So hurry up and get ready

Before they roll up a fat one


If you smell any smoke

It's just me and my homies gettin' blowed away

(It's all good)

[Repeat 1]

Now we're rollin' 3 deep in my nigga's Caddillac

And the talk is down, the sounds are bumpin' from this ghetto track

If you wanna ride, all you do is pull out the stack

And baby you can get right in, for this 20 sack

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]


They that there's a party tonight

There will be hoes shakin' they ass left to right

I'm havin' some fun, I got my gun

But no need for rat-tat-tat-tat

Roll a fat one

[Repeat 2]

And pass it around



I'm just gettin' off and it's been a long day

So I guess I'll go home and roll up a fat J

And smoke it in the tub, while I'm gettin' rubbed

Cuz a nigga like me got more hoes than a rug

Now I ain't tryna dis nobody, assist nobody

And I'm sure not the type that'll kiss anybody's ass

I lay, and say what I say

All due respects to Tim and DeVante'

For makin' a track that's fat, now it's time to get paid

So pass the J, and let's get blowed away

[Repeat 2 to fade]

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