B-Legit - Stick Wit Her lyrics

(feat. B-Legit, Niki Scarfo, Rame Royal, Richie Rich)

[Verse 1: Rame Royal]

I let the dark metal bark wit no emotion

sharply focused

tearin through yo heart like a shark in the ocean

what gave you the notion that you could slow my hustle

take a share my business

I make you bear witness to this Oakland quarter sack vandall

runnin a quarter panell

an you can order that on any rap channel

wit enough ammo an a black flannel

to bury Rambo

writin plans fo my camary land flow.

[Verse 2: B-Legit]

I swang loose at night

Sav-el wit stripes

train in mist to be a killa

9-8 Vern Miller

fill it to the top wit the Aiwa duce

an no game niggas get the fuck cut loose

7-duce tonight

I roll one right

a vet on a set still trumped up tight

work streets at night

Supreme so clean

gettin money from the block like a slot machine.

[Verse 3: Niki Scarfo]

I turn the blocks to war zones

hin & juice fills my cantine

I'm at home when I blast chrome to keep the pressure on beam

murder scenes

he got hit when he crossed the grain

no time to explain

two in his brain, that's the game

fuck the fame

I want the fortune

the best place is outta town

the Vill was scorchin

years an years of drama

creeps, murder beef

seems niggas lost sleep over freaks caught up between the sheets.

[Chorus: Richie Rich]

Niggas need the money and the muscle

picture that

a hog, a pimp, an two dogs wit no muzzles

in an everyday struggle

we had to hustle

my camp

stay amped about the stamp spender.

Chick getter

hard hitter

got a bitch in the club, Stick Wit Her

nigga, cuz if we get her

we gon' have it our way

hard times an connected wit the Bay.

[Verse 4: Richie Rich]

I'm screamin "Silence peeps"

come down them streets

4 point 4 pounds of blow is two ki's

sticky finger

hit each kick for 6 zips

slick nigga paintin my town in new whips

the coke bouncer

low number announcer

12 zones short nigga finna take him court

it's my click

I know they notice, we evict

we on some mo fuck a bitch, slang rock shit

check this.

[Verse 5: Rame Royal]

I slang a bomb of quarter back like Randall

drop back

caulk back the gat

blow out yo candle

to hot to hold

to hard to handle when I unload

still knockin jumbo

watchin for Columbo

rock it to the top of the pot like gumbo

paparazzi spot feds wit Royal to crumble

been breakin bread an tryin to count much more

makin big heads til my pockets look like Mount Rushmore.

[Verse 6: Niki Scarfo]

My games uphold

to push a Rolls puffin doe

while I'm seen sellin soda goes beyond golden flows

from the Vill to weight holders

weighed his vest down

an still got touched jumpin outta Range Rovers

5 g's to a soldier

and 5 after

fuck the feds

and he finally got a chapter

cuz juss the heat the streets be crucial

so believe when you face this killa the feelin mutual.

[Chorus x1]

[Verse 7: B-Legit]

I gots 2 pits wit me an they tone the pimp

go hard

a nigga disregard that lip

pump it down in yo hole

the green in yo doe

got bitches movin shit out department stores

it's H-O-Z dedicated to work

like to pull on my colla when I pimp it work

if it's yo skirt

she choose ya lose

either that or the d-boy blues.


[Verse 8: Richie Rich]

Nigga refer to the hook see the clothes by the bitch

it's real shit

remember the muscle an same hustle

wants free hustle put yo mind at ease

smoke weed

a nigga do whatever he please

two dogs

one hog

an one pimp

pushin heir-ron, coke, ex an hemp

niggas got this game at a stand still

keep the land filled wit leaves of coke until my hands filled.

[Chorus x2]

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