B-Legit - Check It Out lyrics

From a nickel and dime ass nigga

To a top top top....big rigga

Check it

Check it Out

Check it Out

Check it Out

Check it

Check it Out

Check it Out

Check it Out

Check it Out

Check it


It ain't cell in this town that can hold

And fuck the task force cuz them suckas tried to fold me, scold me

Told me if I move that they was blastin

Got me to the station, hella questions they be askin

Who's the Big Balla, Who supply your crew

Who got the big birdies in the box is it you?

I never said a word cuz nigga I don't do so

You fools got some question better ask the lawyer Rouseau


I'm so international

All about my cashional

18 million rational (speak mice)???

What you want fool dogg tell me what you need

'Bout a couple pints of Hennisse an eighth of weed

Seems time gettin shorter

Time to elevate from nickels, dimes up to quarters

Kurupt, B-Legit, and 40 water

Niggaz oughta

Get to Swervin'

Take a hit, hit the strip and then get to pervin'


Squa, Squa,Squab music

Mobb Music

Right on a muthfucka and draw down on his ass music

The 213 the 41510

Pull a ho without a muthafuckin tug of war

40 Water your playa patna

Ever since the womb

I been a tycoone

Actin up (Actin up)

Actin tough (Actin tough)

Actin bad with all kinds of guns and stuff


From a nickel and dime ass nigga

To a top hat ballin big rigga


I got a half a ounce

And a 'four to bounce

Half a brick to flip

Large amount accounts

Live as a young nigga with loot don't count

Live as a young nigga with loot turned out

You know it ain't nothing to it but to do it

Flow like fluid

You's inlcuded

Pursue it

Subdue it

And run through it

Doin what I do is hard to maintain my composure

Ah man they came through with no douja


The muthfuckin county ain't no place for the savage

A Cock hound dank smokin nigga 'bout his cabbage

But if I'm ever caught I'm a ride my shit

Divorce my broad

But nigga keep my bitch

Bury my mail in my momma backyard

Steeady poppin' chyme to correctional guards

They fucks wit my crew cuz they claim that we be trouble

Them niggaz from the V to the H-I Double

I'm tryin to get this party tonight at this motel

A gang a bitches there

Some more on my voice mail

Bathtub full of the ice and the fifths

My homey K-1 rollin blunts at the crib

First I take a hit

Strolls like a pimp

The muthafuckin savage with the million dollar limp

Another big day for this timin ass balla

Hit the block stock in my ninety fin impala

Let them pipes holla

I know I'm looking saucy

19 shots sittin next to my 40

Snatch my knot

Shake the spot and gets far

Bitch, I'm a muthafuckin rap star


From a nickel and dime ass nigga

To a top hat ballin big rigga


I open shop with sixteenth of powder to a whole zip

To a half ham now I'm sitting kilograms

Niggaz 'spect me to the upmost cuz I'm highly spoken 'bout

Niggaz love me because I'm all about my paper route

I keep my lawyers and my bail bondsmen paid shiiiit

For all I know they might decide to raid shiiiit

Back in the day po-po was easily out-smarted

But now they got some new and improved state of the art


Now its going down am I living in the past

This modern day slavery takin' toll on my ass

You either take me in or let's this timer go

Or if you got some charges nigga let this timer know

I told you I'm a rapper

Love to entertain

Catch me on the stage with a mic spittin game

Legit's my name and you can even ask your daughter

About Kurupt, B-Legit and 40 Water


From a nickel and dime ass nigga

To a top hat ballin big rigga

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