B-52's, The

B-52's, The - Dry County lyrics


Sometimes when I open my eyes

I see the things that I can't hide

Emptiness hanging from the shadows on the wall

Sometimes when I open my ears

Hear all the things I don't want to hear

4AM, faith is lost, she's screaming out again

And I say Mary, Mary

Mother full of light

When you gonna come down

And save us

Save us from this night

Oh, I say Mary, Mary

When you gonna hear

When you gonna come down

And take away

This bucket full

This bucket full of tears?

I tried to compromise

Saw the world through other's eyes

In the end, the battle came and left me on the ground

So many ways to fall

We seem to find them all

Tripping through the rubble as we fight within ourselves

And I say Mary, Mary…

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