B-52's, The

B-52's, The - Dirty Back Road lyrics

(donnie kehr/ian hunter)

I believe in magic

Ain’t it kinda tragic

When you find out

Angels can be devils

You were never on the level with me babeat all

Painpainpain !

I got this pain

Sittin’ on the midnight train

Beggars can be choosers

Winners can be losers

I’ll get over you somehow

It’s gonna take a little time

To put you to the back of my mindforever

Painshootin’ down the length o’ my brain

I got this pain

Nothin’ is the same

When love is a victim

Love is a victim of pain

Ain’t no doubt about it babe

Love is a victim of pain I’m lonely

And I don’t know what to do about you babe

’cos loneliness is such a drag

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