B-52's, The

B-52's, The - Dance This Mess Around lyrics

Uhh! Y'all know the scrilla

Watch the maneuver

[Verse One]

Check the action, tracks with traction, fact with fiction

Mix it, now that's faction, El got you relaxin

I'm camomile, volume sleepin pills

Head back but comin still

The production is fuel-injected, Speed Racer behind the wheel

Diesel beats real

As conversations on 43rd Street in the projects, slangin words

Hey fiends, sniff these verbs

Pick 'em up off the curbs

Tracks like tickets over twelve billion served

And, keep yo' hands out my pocket

Uhh, Brother El used to catch the L

Before he grabbed the mic and rocked it, in XL

Uhh, ballad in myself I do myself in a cell

Analyzed it, locked it in, and now I got it

Listen, there's, no competition make

beats with my alter-ego, sweat in my eyes, double vision

Incisions of small cuts to the veins of the brain

Ya, y'all niggaz ain't right man, ya y'all niggaz ain't right!

Yeah, we gon' work it out witcha, mm-hmm, yeah just hold pat


Whooped, massacred, raped, scarred

Ridiculed, under-educated and domesticated

Hardcore brother tryin to stay motivated

And what my cypher created the world try and fade it

[Verse Two]

How you feel? I'm straight, but I could be better

I'm composin a letter, a letter for what?

A letter to state, showin the fate, of mankind

line for line

I'm livin decent but I'm cryin; I'm sick of tryin to

come up on a grip, don't slip, that's easy

I step in military formation

Pacin the cold streets, dark nights, and gang fights

over, territory, that ain't right, I might

just step back and react on a different plane

Change the slang, watch the devils go insane

cause they don't understand a damn thang

Life ain't the same when you use your brain

Reveal the name, don't be estranged

They not ready to see the true blackness

In fact this is a whole new concept but I'll keep you in step

Oooh! Watch the moves it's a dusty groove

And I, come with bullshit to make hits

I, hold the essence of effervescence, now

.. uhh, learn your lessons!


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