B-52's, The

B-52's, The - Breezin' lyrics

You took a turn for the worse

when I caught up to you last night

flickering it's saving light

And though improper thing we may do

not always just or always right

every once in a while

I see you smile

like everything will be alright

You always wanted to be so bad

you always wanted to be

one of the stars in the evening sky

one of the doves flying free

Winter stole upoon you in your twenty second year

fragile as a wedding smile

you began to disappear

and as the worst of this

comes on you

you know I'll never leave

your sight

as the night goes out

of this room child

just pray and hold me tight

It's time to close your eyes child

it's time for you to sleep

there ain't no more pain

and no more tears

and this promise I will keep

And though improper things we may do

not always just or always right

in your heart an angel smiles

and guides you through the night

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