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Avril Lavigne - Nobody's fool (acoustic)

Intro (some variations the 2nd time...)

|----9-9--strum-|  2x

Verses (palm muting)
     E                  B                   C#m
|-6-6-6-|-strum this a few times

Lyrics and chords:
Same chords in the whole song: E, B, C#m, A
Palm muting in all verses..

Verse 1 and 2
Fall back, take a look at me and you'll see
I'm for real, I feel what only I can feel and if that don't appeal to you
Let me know, and I'll go, cause I flow better when my colours show
And that's the way it has to be, honestly
Cause creativity could never bloom in my room, I'd throw it all away before I lie
So don't call me with the compromise, hang up the phone, I got a backbone
Stronger than yours

La la la la la la 3x

If you're trying to turn me into someone else
It's easy to see I'm not down with that
I'm nobody's fool
If you're trying to turn me into something else
I've seen it enough that I'm over that
I'm not nobody's fool
If you want to bring me down
Go ahead and   try , (go ahead and..)

Verse 3 and 4
Don't know you think you know me like yourself
But I fear that you're only telling me what I wanna hear
But do you give a ***, understand that I can't, not be what I am
I'm not the milk and cheerios in your spoon
It's not as simple here, we were not so soon, I might have fallen for that
When I was 14 and a little more green
But it's amazing what a couple of years can mean

[Play Prechorus]
[Play Chorus]

E                B
Yeahiyeahiyeah Yeahiyeah
Go ahead and try, try to look me in the eye
            A                                     E
But you'll never see inside, until you realize, realize

Spitzy thing: (calm, then fast)
Things you try to settle down
Just try to figure out
Exactly what I'm about
If it's with or without you, I don't need you doubting me

[Play chorus]

Prechorus again, with Avril singing this on top:
But you'll be laughing out loud, if I played to my own crowd
Tryyy   Yeahyeahyeahyeah...

End on 024100 (some kind of an E)
(strum very slow down, then fast up..)

submitted jan 03
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