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Artist-Avril Lavigne
Title-My World
Album-Let Go
Tabbed By-Guppie686 (derekj_2000@hotmail.com)

This song is tuned half a step down (Eb,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,Eb)

D(xx0232), Dsus(xx0230), Dsus(xx0233), D5(x577xx)

Bm(x24432), G(320003), G5(355xxx), G2(3x0203)

A(x02220), Asus(x02230), A5(577xxx), A/C#(x4222x)

Em(022000), D/F#(20023x)

Intro: 2x
D Dsus2 Dsus D

D Dsus2 Dsus D
Please tell me what is taking place, Cause I cant seem to find a trace,

Bm G
Guess it must have got erased somehow, Probíly cause I always forget every time someone
tells me their

D Dsus2 Dsus D
name, its always gotta be the same, (In my world)

Never wore cover up, Always beat the boys up, Grew up in a Five thousand population town,

Made my money by cutting grass, Got fired by fried chicken ass, All in a small town Napanee,

A G Bm A G Bm
You know I always stay up without sleeping, And think to myself,

A G Bm A Asus A
Where do I belong forever? In whose arms the time and place

G5 D5 G5 D5
Canít help it if I space in a daze. My eyes tune out the other way, I may switch off and go
in a daydream.

G5 Bm
In this head my thoughts are deep, But sometimes I canít even speak,

Asus G5 A5
Would someone be and not pretend? Iím off again in my world.

D Dsus2 Dsus D

Verse2: (same as first verse)

I never spend less than an hour washing my hair in the shower, it always takes five hours
to make it

straight, so Iíll braid it in a zillion braids though it may take all frigginí day thereís
nothiní else better to do


Pre-chorus: (same as first Pre-chorus)

When your all alone in the lands of forever. Lay under the milky way, On and on its getting
too late out.

Iím not in love this time, this night.

Chorus: (same as first Chorus)

G2 D Dsus2 D Dsus2 G2 Bm7
Bm A/C# D Em D/F# G A
I take some time, mellow out, party up, I donít fall down, donít get caught, sneak out
of the house.

Chorus: 2x

And thatís it. E-mail me if you have any questions, comments

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