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Inappropriate behaviour
Thinking distraction will be your saviour
This need seems never-ending
These nights seem all-pretending
The record's spins comfort me
Dreams locked in the record company

And all those things you said you'd never do
Watch them slowly catch up with you
So unrelenting
And you're unrepenting
Go to sleep as the sky turns blue
Simply running out of things to abuse

And I said, mama, gonna buy you out
I'm a rockstar now
I said, mama, gonna buy you out
I'm a rockstar now

You lead me down the road with maybe
Just some ego tripping with a lady
It seems I'm always waiting
Waiting for what?
And the laziness won't disappear
My indifference sets in out of fear
Mean ass spider, called her hairy
And she likes her webs big and scary
She'll never let go
Not as long as she's still spinning
But the irony just gets lost
'Cause no one cares who pays the cost

And I said, mama, gonna buy you out
I'm a rockstar now
I said, mama, gonna buy you out
I'm a rockstar now
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