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Avril Lavigne
All You Will Never Know
Let Go B-Side
2001 BMG records

Tuning: Standard EADGBe
Capo on 4th Fret
With a shape of D chord, it's actually F# there

chords used:

D- xx0232
Dsus2- xx0230
Dsus4- xx0233
A- x02220
Asus4- x02230
G- 320033
Bm- x24432
C- x32010
G/F#- 2x0033
Em- 022000

Intro: D-Dsus2-Dsus4-D (x4)

Verse 1:
You're indecisive when it comes to making any plans
A Asus4
you're on the fence
you give me reasons I never seem to understand,
A Asus4
they don't make sense
Bm C
maybe ain't enough for my heart
G A Asus4
we'll see, ain't off to a great sta-art
Bm C
baby, I want you to be mine,
G A Asus4
you better hurry 'cause if I change my mi-ind

You will never know,
G A Asus4
what it means, to love me
and you will never know,
G A Asus4
what these two lips taste like to kiss
G A D A G G/F#-G
you can just suppose to what my body feels like to ho-ol-d
A Asus4
hope you can deal with, all you will never know

Interlude: D-Dsus2-Dsus4-D

Verse 2:
I wanna know you, what's hiding behind this wall
A Asus4
who you really are
I wanna meet you on the other side of this charade
A Asus4
wherever the cards may fall
Bm C
I'm ready to give you my heart
G A Asus4
yea I'm willing to show up for my pa-art
Bm C
baby, I want you to be mine,
G A Asus4
you better hurry 'cause if I change my mi-ind

(Repeat Chorus)

Bm Em G A-Asus4 Bm
about me, what I see, what I believe in,
C G A-Asus4
how I breathe, when I weep

(Repeat Chorus)

Coda: D-Dsus2-Dsus4-D (x5)
G (let ring)

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