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In the tavern of Beloui
Sat Theja with his friend of past
With brad and wine and hearts that feel at ease
Now the inn was warm with joy
Tables full of greatest lads
Telling old tales, singing songs of glees
In the shadow of the fire place
Sat Aaron the forestwanderer
No one inside noticed his face, he's a panderer
Wanderer, son of the kingdom
Wanderer unknown
Wanderer, a friend of those all in need
Wanderer, alone
They are feeling good at heart
At the table began to sing
A funny song about their old homeland
The song was called "Broken Cart"
Without a thought he took the ring
Then quickly disappeared, ring on hand
Aaron he left, he was surprised
He knew for sure now that the path was long
He knew that Hobbits were not that wise
He must now be strong
All confused Theja listened to Aaron was the one
I'm your leader from this day
Tell me what you've done, what you've done
Aaron guarded, the night was long
The companions sleeping good and tight
Aaron he knows, he wouldn't be wrong
All things must be right
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