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| Good People                                      |
| by: Audio Adrenaline                             |
| CD: Bloom                                        |
| from: (Dan Szpak)                 |
| edited by: (Brian Kurtyka) |
| copyright: Forefront Communications              |

G D Bm C D G D C

G            D                      F                         C
I grew up impressed by the people I knew in the buckle of the Bible belt
G           D                         F               C
Hopped in a van with a band, now I've been just about everywhere else.
G             D                  F               C
Met a soldier from Seattle and a lawyer from the east,
G       D             F              C
a Texas oil baron and Roman Catholic priest.

Bb   C     G        Bb      C        G
Everyday I choose,  to walk in their shoes,
        Bb    C       Bb      C         D
'cause pretty are the feet of those who bring the good news

              G    D       Bm         C            G           D                C
'Cause it's a Good people, good, good people, everywhere, everywhere it's God's people.

G           D                   F                      C
Been on the road, been far from home, but I found me a friend or two.
G             D              F                             C
has taught me well and I can tell you the good things that people do.
G           D                  F                        C
they really care and I've been there, I've seen with my eyes.
      G                  D             F                 C
I can tell they're God's people by the goodness in their lives.



G G/A G D D D Dsus D Bm Bm Bm/G Bm C C C C D

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