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(Casey Beathard/Michael Heeney)

Sign said cold beer, I pulled in there
Pulled up a chair, to have just one
Now my head hurts, got this sun burn
Oh what on earth, have I done

How'd I wind up in Jamaica
Washed up like some lost cast away
How did one round of beer lead to me laying here
On this bed of sand in Montego Bay

Don't I know you, ain't you the girl who
I was talking to, back at the bar
Your dress was light green and I had on blue jeans
Tell me what's it mean, when we don't know where we are

How'd I wind up in Jamaica
Was it your wild hair or was it mine
Oh I barely remember, you cussing December
As you passed me that salt and the lime

It's been a year now, we're still here now
All settled down, might not go back again
Like a couple of beach bums, we hardly work much
Still ask each other every now and then

How'd we wind up in Jamaica
Was it your wild hair or was it mine
Oh who cares it don't matter we're happy ever after
Now pass me that salt and the lime

Got it made here in Jamaica
Wouldn't have it any other way
To this day it ain't clear all I know is we're here
On this bed of sand in Montego Bay
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