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Words and music: jeff stacy

Wonít you come see me nowmy love
Are you thinking of me
And how easy it could be
Wonít you come over to me now
We could be together
Will you stay away
Will you stay away forever
I havenít seen you for so long
If thereís something wrong
Come to me

I am thinking of you now
Close my eyes and you are here
Drifting through me
Like a gentle breeze weaving all around me
Like a fog caressing the ocean
Thoughts of you roll over me
I havenít seen you for so long
Come to me...

I know itís not overthis is just a passing phase
I know youíre thinking of me too
You know what youíve been missing
And Iíve been waiting just for you
Iím on fire but youíre not here with me
Everything about it
Makes no sense to me

Youíre afraid of coming over
Youíre afraid that you love me
Did you stay away because you do
Even if I loved you too
Everything will be all right
I havenít seen you for so long
Come to me... come to me

Come to me when youíre feeling alone
And youíre unhappy
When everything is wrong
And you are longing for me again
Please donít be afraiditís all okayIím waiting for you
You can come to me - you can come to me
I donít wanna see nobody else
Come to me
You can come to me

If you thought I . . .
Was in danger . . .
Would you come and rescue me?

Come to me...
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