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ARCH ENEMY Singer Angela Gossow Interview

Posten on: 2008-10-13 08:45:29

Ass Buster!: Did the CARCASS reunion shows clash with Arch Enemy's tour schedule ? Gossow: "Well, I guess. But we needed a break. At least I did! Too much touring takes the fun out of being in a band. Its good to get some rest to become hungry again! And I am def. looking forward to those German tour dates in December this year now! And Carcass fucking deserve their 2nd life!!!" Ass Buster!: You guys are re-recording your earlier releases, would there be any possible collaboration with Johan Liiva (former singer)? Gossow: "Maybe. Interesting idea! I wouldn't have any problems with it - Johan kicks ass!" Ass Buster!: It seems like you guys have ALOT in store, is it true that you guys are already writing material for an upcoming album ? Gossow: "Yes. we always write. Music keeps pouring out of us - what can you do?!" For the full interview click here "A Word" With Angela Gossow from Arch Enemy

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Michael Arnott of Arch Enemy signs with Dean Guitars

Posten on: 2008-10-01 11:54:12

Dean Guitars, who make some of the most bad ass guitars on the planet, made this announcement on their Web site: "Dean Guitars is proud to announce that guitarist extraodinaire Michael Amott of Arch Enemy and Carcass has signed on with Dean guitars. Dean CEO Elliott Rubinson states, 'I have been a fan of Michael for some time and we are extremely excited that he has decided to make Dean guitars his home. Michael Amott is a very well respected guitarist worldwide and we look forward to working very closely with him to design his dream guitar. 'I contacted Dean guitars,' said Arnott, 'as I was looking for the right guitar company and I knew that if people like Michael Schenker, Dave Mustaine, Dimebag and Leslie West have made Dean their home that I needed to check it out. They sent me two V's to check out and I immediately fell in love with them. I am sure my new signature guitar will meet all of my demands as well as the needs of my fans around the globe.'" Arnott is a seriously incredible guitarist, and this is a big score for Dean. I look forward to an Arnott custom, as I'm sure the former Carcass man can come up with something epic.

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