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Angie Stone Wants to Help Others ‘FACE’ Diabetes

Posten on: 2008-10-16 14:29:06

R&B Singer-songwriter Angie Stone, whose debut Stax Records CD, "The Art of Love and War," hits the airwaves this month, has teamed up with Eli Lilly and Company to launch the Fearless African-Americans Connected and Empowered (F.A.C.E.) Diabetes campaign to encourage African-Americans with diabetes to take control and learn how to manage their disease. Stone, who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes eight years ago, will serve as the spokesperson for the F.A.C.E. Diabetes campaign, which launches in Chicago at Salem Baptist Church Children's Ministry Building on November 10. Through a series of practical and sustainable programs in local communities, the campaign's goal is to help foster behavioral and attitudinal changes in areas critical to success in managing diabetes such as nutrition/cooking, physical activity, health and overall well-being. "When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, I was in total denial about my disease and its impact on my life. I didn't understand the importance of following my doctor's treatment program and making lifestyle changes to better manage my diet and my weight," said Stone. "But through trial and error and working with my healthcare team, my diabetes is finally under control. I've joined forces with the F.A.C.E. Diabetes campaign because I want to be an example and encourage our community to get active and fearlessly face diabetes." According to the American Diabetes Association, more than three million African-Americans are diagnosed with diabetes, and additional research suggests nearly one million African-Americans remain undiagnosed. For additional information about the F.A.C.E. Diabetes campaign and/or events, go to

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Angie Stone: ‘I Wasn’t Dropped From J Records, Celebrity Fit Club Not Reality’

Posten on: 2008-08-24 04:35:48

R&B singer Angie Stone has faced a lot of tough times but she has overcome it all with a positive soul. Stone, best known for songs like "Brotha" and "No More Rain," was sick, in the hospital for a few days last year to treat congestive heart failure. With a 10-year-old son (fathered by D'Angelo) and a 23-year-old daughter, Stone decided to change her life, joining VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club" and starting on a journey of self-motivation. Even though “Celebrity Fit Club” helped her dropped more than 40 pounds, Stone says it was very difficult. Stone, who released her latest studio album via the historic Stax Records, says she is gracious for the opportunity and that her previous rumored drop from J Records was untrue. “It was very difficult, because "Celebrity Fit Club" is a reality show. I found it to be very deceiving, and it kind of got in the way of my spirit. You never saw any of the races that I won, and they showed all this drama. I was a little disappointed with that. It's not a real reality, the show. ... I've gotten smaller since then.” “J Records actually led me to believe we were recording a regular album,” she tells the Associated Press. “Half way through the process, they said they wanted to do a greatest hits album (2005's "Stone Hits: The Very Best of Angie Stone") to save costs ... That was speaking volumes to what my future would be. A lot of people want to know if I was dropped (from J Records). I wasn't dropped, I asked for a release. ... Before they could do that to me, drop me, I said, "Why don't you release me and we can all be happy?" ... Stax came to me and offered me the opportunity to join, an amazing opportunity.”

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R&B Singer Angie Stone's 'Love & War' Finds Light

Posten on: 2008-08-12 07:49:20

(Billboard) - After spending the last few years out of the public eye, soul singer Angie Stone returns to the charts in a big way this week with "The Art of Love & War," which debuts at a career-best No. 11 on the Billboard 200. Its sales of 45,000 are down slightly from the 53,000 that greeted 2004's "Stone Love," her last release for J Records. "The Art of Love & War" is the first major release (and first to chart in the top half of the Billboard 200) from Concord's recently re-launched Stax Records, which had lain dormant for 34 years. The album has benefited from a strong radio single in the form of "Baby," which tops the Adult R&B chart this week and is No. 23 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, the third-best position of her nine career titles on the latter tally. Stone battled congestive heart failure last year, an experience chronicled on the new album's "Happy Being Me." "When you get close to losing your life, you see it flash before you," she told Billboard in April. Stone has also been public about her battle with her weight, leading her to appear on the VH1 show "Celebrity Fit Club" in 2006. She has been tapped to serve as a spokeswoman for pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly to raise awareness about diabetes. Stone will decamp to Tokyo for an eight-night run at the Blue Note in mid-November, and play U.S. dates later in the year. The artist is also working with clothing brand Von Dutch, performing in its Hollywood and New York stores and considering co-branding options. Although music is once again her main focus, Stone, who has appeared in such TV shows as "Moesha" and "Girlfriends" and such films as "The Fighting Temptations," recently signed with International Creative Management to handle her acting career. "This business is hard," she told Billboard. "I've been waiting all these years, and I've survived."

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Angie Stone Signs With Legendary Stax Records

Posten on: 2008-07-13 00:39:02

R&B singer Angie Stone and soul legend Isaac Hayes are the first two signings on Stax Records, a label which was reactivated after a 30 year hiatus by its current owner, Concord Music Group. Stax Records is known for making such stars as Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes, the Staple Singers among others. Neo-soul singer Stone previously recorded for J Records, which issued her most recent release, 2004's "Stone Love." "I simply can't believe that I will be a Stax artist -- and I'll be label mates with Isaac Hayes," Stone said. "The staff at Stax share my belief that soul has to stay in touch with its origins. We're going to make beautiful music together." "Stax always has been and always will be soul music, I was a part of that," Hayes said in a statement. "I am coming back to Stax because there is still so much to do. It's like coming home." Los Angeles-based Concord, famed for its jazz roster, added Stax to its holdings as part of its acquisition of Fantasy Records in 2004. Stax, which takes its name from the surnames of founders Jim Stewart and his sister Estelle Axton, traces its roots back to 1957. Throughout the '60s and early '70s, the Memphis label lived up to its "Soulsville" name, offering a grittier alternative to the Motown Records assembly line. But it eventually went bust in 1975 amid shady business practices. The Labels first release will be "Interpretations," a tribute to the songs of Earth Wind & Fire mastermind Maurice White. Stone will be among the many stars on "Interpretations," singing a cover of "Be Ever Wonderful."

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